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Wounded Warriors

IQ Exchange is committed to assisting our nation's wounded warriors and their families find employment opportunities with caring companies.

Supporting Our Nation's Best

Our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen were called upon to deploy and defend our nation far from their families and friends. Many of our nation's brave men and women returned changed forever. We are proud to honor their sacrifice, selfless service and commitment to defending freedom around the world.

How It Works

IQX provides free memberships to qualified wounded warrior organizations that are assisting the placement of our transitioning heroes to corporate careers. Our member companies can locate and hire wounded warriors in geographic areas important to support ongoing treatment.

  • Wounded Warrior (WW) Organizations Enroll in IQX
  • IQX Grants Membership
  • WW Organizations Establish Talent Profiles With IQ Exchange
  • Member Companies Search for WW and Initiate Contact With Organizations
  • Company Extends Offer
  • Wounded Warrior Accepts and Begins Work

Get Started

We at IQ Exchange are forever grateful to our nation's heroes and their families for protecting the freedoms we enjoy at home.

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